Circus Oz – Wunderage

Published on June 29, 2019

CIRCUS OZ - Wunderage

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The new Circus Oz show is here!

Circus Oz and Company 2 present Wunderage – an astonishing spectacle told through breathtaking physical feats, heart-stirring live music and honest humour.

Wunderage is an offbeat promenade performance that lets the audience immerse themselves in the show itself. It is quite unlike circus as you have experienced it before as the performers literally perform death defying acts, right above the heads of the audience who can move around and view it at all angles.

Wunderage is that latest collaboration between two Australian contemporary circus companies who invite people to dream, wonder and roam as the fantasy unfolds throughout the iconic Meat Market space in North Melbourne.

The show emerges organically in all directions and offers an abundance of aerial acts where bicycles are precariously ridden on wires with people standing on shoulders; handstands unfold perched off tiny yet tall platforms; and acrobatic duets teeter off the edges of platforms and pianos.

As aerial slings poetically soar above audiences and acrobats effortlessly scale Chinese poles to great heights, Wunderage is absorbed in a live musical soundscape of drums, banjo, slide guitar, piano and mesmerizing voice. In fact, the music itself is truly a highlight. Played by only a few talented performers who show off their skills playing am multitude of different instruments, often at the same time, the beautiful music really sets the tone and pace of the performances and fuses with the physical acts to produce a breathtaking experience.

Playful, generous and peppered with mischievous wit, Wunderage explores the desire to be something you are not, and along the way will take you to places you never dared to dream possible.

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