Silvers Circus

Published on January 9, 2019


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Now you can see one of Australia’s Finest Circuses along with everyone’s favorite prehistoric creatures, all in one 90-minute international show! Not only will families enter through a Dinosaur Exhibition on their way to the show, but these special prehistoric creatures also pop in to visit during the Silvers performance!

Silvers Circus is a household name in Australia and after forty years on the road has evolved into one of the Top 10 Circuses of the World. Silvers maintains all the sparkle, glamour and death-defying acts expected of Australia’s premier circus, dedicated to constant innovation and modernisation with extraordinary artists continually arriving from all parts of the world.

The show itself contains lots of variety that will please both young children and grown adults. Children will be enthralled by the adorable and playful dog act that sees a number of dogs jumping through hoops, walking on both their hind and front legs as well as balancing on rolling balls. The dinosaurs and clown should also prove to be very popular with the little ones. The adults should be amazed by the large death-defying acts of the ‘Wheel of Steel’ that sees two un-harnessed men running and jumping around the outside of a giant apparatus that continually spins in circles as well as ‘The Globe of Death’ which sees a number of motorcyclists dangerously manoeuvring their way tightly inside a globe that seems far too small to fit them all in.

Circuses are always great fun; however, the variety seen in this new production by Silvers Circus sets it apart from others you may have seen and the family will certainly not be disappointed after seeing this.

  • Where: Beta Showgrounds – 1150 Nepean Hwy. Mornington.
  • When: Now until February 3.
  • Tickets:

By Michael Kent

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