Mint O Mustard

Mint O Mustard

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Situated on the waterfront of Docklands is the delightful Mint O Mustard where beautiful spices and flavors come together… If you want to have a delicious warm meal that will make you feel right at home then look no further, the service is welcoming and super friendly and the dishes are all filled with such love.

An amazing modern take on Indian cuisine, Focusing on three generations of family cooking, Shweta Jagdale, embraced her upbringing in Pune, in the Indian state of Maharashtra, where as a child she would crawl around her grandparents restaurant and take in the aromas of her grandmothers cooking. Somehow, she ended up in Melbourne, at the prestigious Alfred Hospital trying to find a cure for cancer, and still to this day, is one of the head researchers with the fight against cancer. Embracing a modern twist of traditional Pune dishes, Mint O Mustard’s name stems from some of the favorite ingredients used in their dishes.
One of the biggest hit dishes is of course the “butter chicken” and selection of Naan, and in particular, their Nutella Naan, which is must at Mint O Mustard.
Mint O Mustard also goes that step further with naan desserts, the m&m naan melted in my mouth like a hot cookie straight from the oven! Highly recommend dining here on your next night out!
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