Royal Botanic Fire Garden

Fire Gardens – Royal Botanic Gardens

Last week saw the Royal Bontanic Gardens light up in flames for a stunning display of light and music in what was a massive artistic installation…
For more than 20 years, French artists Compagnie Carabosse have been putting famous structures and locations around the world to the torch. Recently, these luminary alchemists brought their dream-space creation of mystery and revelation to Melbourne.
Mammoth spheres of leaping flames, sculptures that flickered and danced, fiery urns that caused shadows to play and a soundtrack every bit as brilliant as the garden itself—people were able to wind their way through this dense and wondrous garden, full of surprises and experience the elemental forces at their own leisure. You would think with all of the fire on display, that the people attending would be drowned out by billowing plumes of smoke; however, this was not the case. Burning paraffin instead of other fuels such as methylated spirits created a clean, almost non-existent smoke and with the addition of perfumed oils, people were hit with beautifully contrasting smells to go with the incredible visuals and wonderful sounds as they made their way through the exhibition.
The event, which occurred over 4 days between 10-13 October proved to be extremely popular, completely selling out and generating a waiting list of over 5000 people until the event organisers were forced to close requests.
The feedback from those who attended was extremely positive with many left amazed at the sensory experience they were fortunate enough to partake in.
We can only hope that with the success of the event that it will return again so that those who missed out might have the opportunity and privilege to experience this amazing concept in the future.


Michael Kent

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