Kryal Castle – A Land of Adventure

Published on October 1, 2018

Kryal Castle – A Land of Adventure

Kryal Castle is a replica medieval castle that operates as a theme park/educational centre. Located in Leigh Creek, near Ballarat and just over an hour out of Melbourne, Kryal castle is a fantastic location for entertaining the family.

The castle, which was built by Keith Ryall in 1979 is an imposing grey stone structure, surrounded by a moat that can only be crossed via the entrance drawbridge, which will convince any child that they have taken a step back in time to the middle ages. Once you step inside, your imagination will completely take you away with an array of stone buildings, cobbled-stone streets, a jousting arena overlooked by a grandstand and employees dressed in traditional medieval attire.

Throughout the day you can attend and watch a number of shows ranging from theatre performances to high action jousting battles. There are also a number of educational programs and tours that occur periodically throughout the day, including: wizard’s workshops, spooky torture chamber tours and archery demonstrations which will have the young ones completely fascinated.

There is also an assortment of shops that cater for children and adults and some eateries where the family can sit down and discuss the adventures they have just had.

The best part of the experience though is the level of interaction for the attendees. In addition to all of the shows and educational tours, the kids and adults for that matter can get lost in the giant maze, run around on the Bravehearts Playground, paint their own custom wooden swords and shields, get their faces painted, pat the animals in the nursery and even try their hand at sword fighting.

Evenings at Kryal Castle also offer a range of entertaining experiences. The medieval feasts are extremely popular but if you are after a different type of experience, why not try one of the themed nights such as the murder mystery or zombie night? Details for these are available via the Kryal Castle website.

The castle also offers accommodation for those wishing to live the dream and sleep as a king or queen in a castle as well as venues for private functions.

With such a range of activities that will keep the children entertained this school holidays or even adults and Game of Thrones enthusiasts, have you booked your visit to Kryal Castle yet?


By Michael Kent

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