The ‘Worlds Most Liveable City’ Melbourne 2018

The ‘Worlds Most Liveable City’ Melbourne 2018



As all savvy Melbournites would know, we recently lost our title of ‘Worlds Most Liveable City’, coming second place to the city of Vienna, in Austria.

After a splendid seven-year reign, the title that us Melbournians had graciously accepted – indeed, come to expect – without question, has been torn from our grasp. And suddenly, we have questions! Who decides such things? How does it all work?

Here’s the rundown. Apparently, there is a group of chaps based in London, Hong Kong and New York. They call themselves ‘The Economist Intelligence Unit’, and they release an annual report called ‘The Global Liveability Index’ which rates around 140 major cities around the world on the relative comfort that city provides. The report uses over thirty factors across five categories to assess the living conditions in each city.
Melbourne got full points for areas such as healthcare, education and infrastructure, but we lost points in the ‘stability’ category, as well as in culture and environment (I call fake news on this one).

All up, we lost out by less than 1%. We’ll get you next year, Vienna!
And don’t worry, we still beat Sydney.

So, we tried hard to think of what Vienna has that we don’t. Strudel? Schnitzel? Mozart? Not to mention they speak German (possibly the coughiest language in the world). Gesundheit.

And – we have all those things, plus more. So for those of you who still want to swan around the most liveable city, great news! You can stay right here and do just that.

So, anyone who has been to Vienna knows that yes, it is a beautiful city, and they do make delicious yums in the form of a variety of pastries and cakes. Luckily, we have Austro Bakery in South Melbourne, full of authentic, delicious baked goods (including my favourite, the Bienenstich – you non-Europeans can call it the Bee Sting), as well as Vienna Patisserie and Bakery in Kew and Zimt Patisserie Bakery Cafe in Surrey Hills, to name a few.

And Schnitzel!? Not sure if you’ve heard guys, but we have this thing called a chicken Parma. Chicken Parma > schnitzel – ask anyone. If you really want to be spoiled for choice, head to Mrs Parmas – Little Bourke Street for pretty much your own personal parmageddon. Or, if you want to be traditional, Munich Brauhaus offer all sorts of shnitz and giggles every night of the week.

Personally, I reckon Mozart would have been a parma guy himself – speaking of the famous composer (as well as his fancy contemporaries Beethoven, Strauss and Shubert – see, we’re cultured!), you can catch many of the works of famous Austrian’s at any of our our glorious venues like the Arts Centre Melbourne, or The Australian Ballet. Even Arnie pops to Melbs on occasion, and he’s pretty much the most famous Austrian ever.

Speaking of famous Austrians, the Prater is one of the oldest theme parks in the world, and a popular spot among the Viennese. But luckily we have our own heritage listed, thrilling Luna Park Melbourne in beautiful St Kilda! And how many theme parks smile at you (not creepy at all) as you walk through the gates? Yeah, that’s what we thought.

So, have a perfectly Viennese day out in Melbourne, and enjoy the best of both cities! We don’t mind who wins, as long as we can have fun (but seriously, that crown is ours again next year).

Have any Austrian suggestions? Where’s your favourite Euro-Melbourne spot to visit? Let us know in the comments!

Jenna Rank

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