‘Illusionaire’: An evening full of mystifying magic and hilarious comedy that will leave you and the family completely enchanted.


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Performed by two highly experienced magicians in Sam Angelico (winner of the “Champion of Comedy Magic” at FISM – the highest accolade achievable by any magician globally) and Rosanna Maccarone, a 22-year veteran of the illusion industry, ‘Illusionaire’ is a show jam-packed with magic that will leave you scratching your head and wondering how they did it.

Sam Angelico is very charismatic and engaging and perfectly blends comedy with his illusions whilst sharing some very interesting stories with the captivated audience.

Rosanna is far from what you might expect in a male/female magician’s duo which usually utilizes the woman’s beauty to distract the audience whilst the man performs all the magic. Whilst still very glamorous, Rosanna is actually an incredible illusionist in her own right and will amaze you with some of her magical acts.

There is a lot of audience participation in the show, so expect that you may be called upon to assist at some point. The show has a lot of the usual acts you might expect in a magic show, such as: card tricks, mind-reading, escaping from chains, making things disappear and reappear and plenty of sleight of hand; however, the acts are performed in ways you are likely to have never seen before and despite being very close to the performers, you will struggle to work out the hidden secrets behind their magical illusions.

The Mission to Seafarer’s Dome location, a historic building dating back 100 years is extremely unique and provides the perfect location for ‘Illusionaire’.

‘Illusionaire’ is playing until December. If you are looking for a fun night out, either as a date or with the family, this is the show for you with both evening and matinee performances available.

Make sure you catch this performance before it disappears!


Dates: currently playing Saturdays and Sundays until December 23rd.

Mission to Seafarers Dome
717 Flinders St – (Corner of Siddeley St)
Melbourne, Victoria 3008

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