WhiteHores Chloe

Whitehorse Chloe a delicious High Tea Restaurant!


Whitehorse Chloe is fantastic two-story high tea restaurant boasting beautiful food on big plates.

The creativity that goes into each dish makes for exciting eating.

Highlights would definitely be the corn ribs (yes ribs a vegan can eat) and also the Wagyu beef steak.

The lobster roll served on a funky green matcha brioche bun is a great option for both lunch or dinner and if you are after something sweet, you cannot look past the sesame pannacotta with cherry reduction, chocolate soil and matcha sponge.

Whitehorse Chloe is a great option for any meal or even if you are just passing by for a well-crafted coffee.

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T1 / 850 Whitehorse Road (8.36 mi)
Box Hill, Victoria 3128
contact details:
(03) 9191 7707
opening hours:
Opens at 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM
hours may vary

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