Market Lane Coffee

This is for all the coffee lovers!☕️❤️

Market Lane Coffee is a specialty roaster and café dedicated to sourcing superior beans from single estates. the cafe is open and airy and in keeping with the atmosphere of the adjacent Prahran Market.

Located in the historic Prahran Market, the shop sits on the corner edge of the market, very happily amongst some of the best food retailers in Melbourne. This was the first Market Lane we opened, and where we roast, taste, and quality control every coffee sold at our shops.
they have some tasty food here, mostly pastries and the odd bread and jam, some nice things that suit drinking a coffee but not so much that you might say “cafe!” Mostly we have bags of coffee for sale, filter coffee drinks, espresso, and equipment for brewing coffee at home.

there are enough seats here to accommodate busy market shoppers, and enough room for trollies and prams to get around too.

Their coffee has an amazing taste! It’s an absolute must!
Pop in for free coffee tastings on Wednesday afternoon (1:00 pm-2:00pm)!



“We love to make coffee for the city that loves to drink it”
Fleur, Jason and team.


Hours:7:00am – 5:00pm
Location: Shop 13, Prahran Market 163 Commercial Road South Yarra 3141
content: Market Lane Coffee

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