Chadstone Fashion Capitol

Chadstone has a special place in the hearts of Melbournians and is now a destination for shoppers the world over.

It delivers a special experience not matched by any other shopping centre in Australia.

A visit to Chadstone is memorable from the time you enter the car park, with beautiful landscaped gardens welcoming you as you arrive. There are 10,000 car parks – the highest number of car parks of any shopping centre in Australia.

Extended trading hours, so you can tailor make your Chadstone visit to suit you.

And now with the opening of the new state-of-the-art HOYTS Cinema Complex, the new Dining Terrace, and Food Central, Chadstone is also home to some of Australia’s renowned eateries to become the ‘experience’ capital.

So, Chadstone invites you to visit and wander the malls to take in the great space, natural light and special artworks that make this a special experience.

With 500 stores, Chadstone is truly tailor made for each and every one of its 20 million customers a year.

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